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Green House Light

1) GHGL 3 - S

Spectrum: Nx1 ,Nx2, Nx3 ( Veg, Bloom and Growth spectrum)

Minimum Order: 5 pcs

Brief Description:
LED grow light 195 watt, with three adjustable spectrum-controlled light, reflector design and excellent heat dissipation system, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages. Custom- tailored spectrum, IP 55

Product Details
GHGL 3-S LED Grow Light for Commercial Growing.
It has knob to controlled all three spectrum ( Veg, Bloom and Growth).
Intensity adjustment provision.
6 cooling fan for active cooling.
Area Coverage -
Primary light source – 3ft x 3ft
Secondary light source – 6ft x 6ft
#Grow Fast, High Efficiency

195 W LED Grow LIGHT, with top LEDs, square design, active cooling with fan, more energy efficient own it, you’re ready to grow.
The colour blend is engineered to promote healthy plants through all growth phases. Cost-efficient, reliable and safe, it runs cool and it is worth every penny.

1. LGreenhouse
2. Hobby growers
3. Speed breeding
4. Research application

Key Features
1. Active cooling
2. 3 spectra with adjustable knob - Veg, Bloom and Growth spectrum.
3. Dimming ( 100 to 50% ).
4. IOT based control (optional)
5. 395 nm, 450 nm, 660nm, 735 nm, 3000k and 6500k.
6. High intensity LED chips, PPF –3.4 to 3.7 µmol/J.

Key Advantages
1. Better heat dissipation from body due to active cooling.
2. Change spectrum as per plant growth.
3. Adjust intensity of light as per plant growth stage.
4. Control multiple lights using your mobile.
5. Long life.
6. Less electricity consumption.

Key Benefits
1. Better heat dissipation = better life of grow light.
2. Suitable for all types of plants growth.
3. Early flowering, reduce harvesting time.
4. More profound coloration.
5. 60% less electricity consumption compared to conventional light source.
6. Control number of lights at same time.
7. 600+ PPFD can be achievable.
Spectrum Details

 Nx1-Vegetable Spectrum

 Nx2-Bloom Spectrum

 Nx3-Fruiting Spectrum

Please Note – Actual Spectrum of Nx3 will be different, please check with sales people for right spectrum or percentage details

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage 80-300VAC
Power Consumption 195 watt
Power supply Current 1050mA
Dimensions (in mm) 500 mm x 300 mm x 125 mm
Operating Temperature 0®-45®
Efficiency Above 90%
LED Life Span 50,000
Power factor 0.98
Light Source 3w
Weight 8Kg
PPFD 3.4-3.6µmole/J
Wavelength 395 nm, 450 nm, 660 nm,730nm, 6500K
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Overall Current Protection Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Warranty 3 years

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