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Supplemental Grow Lights - GHGL 210 S

Model :


GHGL 210 S

Minimum Order :


05 No’s 

Key Features :


▪Active cooling
▪210 watts
▪High intensity LED chips (PPE – upto 3.7 µmol/J)
▪0 to 100% dimming provision
▪Aluminum Heat sink + tempered glass with 60 degrees Lense output
▪Broad spectrum with 660 nm, 735 nm, 6500 k and 3000 k
▪Up to 1 meter height adjustment provision
▪24 months warranty

Key Benefits & Advantages :


Better heat dissipation : better life of grow light
Energy efficiency: The high-efficiency PPE LED chips offer excellent energy efficiency, consuming less power and reducing electricity bills.
▪Versatile lighting options: The broad spectrum of light, including red and blue light wavelengths, 6500 k, and 3000 k, cater to different plant stages and enhance their growth.
Customizable lighting: The dimming provision allows users to adjust the light intensity according to their plant’s requirements.
Flexible installation: The adjustable height provision (up to 1 meter) makes it easy to set up the lights at the optimal height for the plants.
Warranty: The 24-month warranty offers peace of mind to users, assuring them of the product’s quality and reliability.
▪Equivalent to 600 -watt conventional HID lights (PAR Light)

Applications :


▪Supplementary light
▪Speed breeding

Spectrum :



Certification :



Installation accessories:


▪Height adjustment mechanism
▪1-meter-long Input cord

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 120 to 350 V AC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Current (A) (Input) 1 Amp (at 230 V)
Power Consumption (Input) 230 watts
Dimensions (Length x width x height) 490 mm x 235 mm x 190 mm
Operating Temperature 0®-45®
Efficiency 0.90
Driver life span 36 Months
LED Life Span 50,000 with L 70
Power factor 0.92
Light Source SMD power LED’s
Weight 9 kg (19.85 lb)
PPE (LED Chip’s) Upto 3.4 µmole/J
Thermal Management Active
Electrical Insulation Class A
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Overall Current Protection Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Warranty 24 months
Nominal Electrical AC inputs

AC Voltage

130 V g>

230 V

0277 V

347 V


AC Current

0.58 A





AC Power






Power Factor






Nx4a(Broad Spectrum)
PPFD Chart (Kindly note above readings from 3 ft height)

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