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Greenhouse light: PAR Lamps

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What is PAR?

PAR stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiation. PAR are the wavelengths of light that can be used in photosynthesis.

Normally 400 nm to 700 nm region called as PAR region.

Why greenhouse requires PAR Lamps??

Greenhouse growers use PAR lamps as supplemental lights.
Supplementary lighting is an artificial lighting source used in green house to get sufficient light quantity and quality. Supplemental lighting extends the hours in a day

PAR lighting is used in greenhouses to increase crop production during time periods with low levels of solar radiation. These time periods usually occur during the winter months and during the cloudy time in rainy season. 

Traditionally growers use HPS (high pressure sodium) light or MH (Metal Halide) lamp as PAR lamp. But with innovation in lighting industry nowadays LEDs are best option as PAR lamp.
LED PAR lamps are more efficient than HPS or MH PAR Lamps.  

What is ePAR?

ePAR knows as extended Photosynthetic Active Radiation. New studies show that plant absorb light from 380 nm to 750 nm so that region is called as ePAR.

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