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Brief Description :

LED grow bar
i. 17w/4ft
380nm-730nm available, full spectrum; IP 58; best for commercial growing; also available in custom-tailored spectrum

▪Best for commercial growers.

▪The optimal lighting solution is different for every crop.

▪Based on successful tests at our 1000 sq.ft testing facility, Nexsel have been developed different lamps with specific light recipes for different plants.

▪Nexsel has 4 years+ experience in horticulture lighting.

▪100% payback policy; if results are not as per claimed.

▪Nexsel use special horticulture grade led chips with high PPF value.

The color blend is engineered to promote healthy plants through all growth phases. Costefficient, reliable and safe, it runs cool and it is worth every penny.

Model :


1) HYGL8-17
2) HYGL8-14

Minimum Order :


50 pcs

Key Features :


▪ 1.3X more intensity ( PPF 2.2 -2.4 µmol/J)
▪Optimized spectrum as cordyceps requirement.
▪Specially designed connectors.
Stays cool thanks to internal heat dissipation design.

Key Benefits :


▪25-30% less electricity consumption for same intensity.
▪Better price of produce.

Key Advantages :


▪30% savings in electricity consumption.
▪ 18-30% increase in cordycepin level.
▪ 18 months warranty.

Spectrum :



Cordyceps 2
Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 80-300 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 17/14w
Power Supply Current 240mA DC
Weight 300/260 gm
Dimensions ( in mm) 1200 x 30 x 35 / 910 x 30 x 35
Operating Temperature 0º C to 45º C
Light Source 0.2 w
Efficiency 0.90
Power Factor 0.98
PPF 2.2-2.4 µmole/J
Heat Dissipation 54 btu/hr
LED Life 50,000 Hours
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Nexsel is a research-driven horticultural lighting manufacturer that provides LED grow lights for biotech and horticulture purposes.

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