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Tissue Culture Grow Light - TSGL8

Brief Description :


LED grow bar

i. 18w/4ft
ii. 09 watt/2ft
380nm-730nm available, full spectrum; IP 58; best for commercial growing; also available in custom-tailored spectrum

#Grow Fast, High Efficiency

17w/4ft, 14 w/3ft, 09/2ft LED Grow Bar, with top LEDs, vivid new design, more energy efficient own it, you’re ready to grow.

Best for commercial growers – The optimal lighting solution is different for every crop – Based on successful tests at our 1000 sq.ft testing facility, Nexsel have been developed different lamps with specific light recipes for different plants – Nexsel has 5 years+ experience in horticulture lighting – Nexsel use special horticulture grade led chips with high PPF value
The colour blend is engineered to promote healthy plants through all growth phases. Cost-efficient, reliable and safe, it runs cool and it is worth every penny.

Model :


1) TSGL8-14

2) TSGL8-18

3) TSGL8 – 09

4) TSGL8 R-18

Minimum Order :


50 pcs

Key Features :


▪1.3x more intensity (PPF 2.2 -2.4 µmol/J)
▪Specially designed C3 type connectors
▪Customized spectrum
▪Eliminates the need for ballasts and reflectors
▪Stays cool thanks to internal heat dissipation design

Key Advantages :


▪More profound colour
▪Proper leaf texture
▪Uniform spectrum graph over all plants
▪24 months warranty
▪Easy installation

Key Benefits :


▪Upto 60% less electricity consumtion compared with conventional lighting
▪Save 80% wiring cost per layer
▪Save 60-70% installation time
▪Reduce upto 25% AC load

Spectrum :


Nx6.1 & Nx6.2

Certifications :



Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 80-300 V
Power Consumption 18/14/09 w
Driver Current 300 mA
Weight 300/200 gm
Dimensions ( in mm) 1200x35x30 / 600x35x30
Operating Temperature 0º C to 45º C
Light Source 0.5 w L
Qty of Led's 56
Efficiency 0.88
Power Factor 0.98
PPFD PPFD 40 from 30 cm
Wavelength 450 nm, 660 nm
LED Life 50,000 Hours
indias Model-TSGL8 2
indias Model-TSGL83
Field Work Photos
indias Model-TSGL8 4
Tissue Culture Grow Light 4
Tissue Culture Grow Light 5
india Nexsel6

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Nexsel is a research-driven horticultural lighting manufacturer that provides LED grow lights for biotech and horticulture purposes.

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