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Strawberry Grow light

Brief Description :

▪ LED grow bar lights:

I. 17w/4ft

II. 14w/3ft

III. 09w/2ft

▪ 380nm-730nm available, full spectrum; IP 55; best for commercial growing; also available in custom-tailored spectrum.

Model :


1) HYGL8-17

2) HYGL8-14

3) HYGL8-09

Minimum Order :


50 pcs

Key Features :


▪Thanks to internal heat dissipation design its stays cools
▪Aluminium casing + tempered glass.
▪Works right out of the box; ready to plug and play.
▪Package includes one LED light bar, one power cord, one clips for install
▪Backed with 1/2-year warranty.

Key Benefits :


▪Reduce the cycle time of plant
▪Reduces energy costs with high-efficiency LED lighting, 60% less electricity consumption compared to conventional lighting
▪Installs easily and safely. (plug and play design)
▪Flickering free

Applications :


▪Use as Supplementary light.
▪Commercial lighting.

Spectrum :


Nx1 ,Nx1.1 and Nx4




Product Details :


▪ Hydroponics LED Grow Bar 17/14/9 w for Commercial Growing.
▪ The optimal lighting solution is different for every crop.
▪ Based on successful tests in the field, Nexsel have been developed different lamps with specific light recipes for different plants

Please contact us if you require help choosing the right type of lamp for your plants.

#Grow Fast, High Efficiency
#Nexsel – for best results

17w/4ft, 14 w/3ft, 09/2ft LED Grow Bar, with top LEDs, vivid new design, more energy efficient own it, you’re ready to grow.

The colour blend is engineered to promote healthy plants through all growth phases. Cost-efficient, reliable and safe, it runs cool and it is worth every penny.

Spectrum Details :



HYGL8.1 2
Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 80-300 V
Power Consumption 17/14/09 w
Driver Current 240mA
Weight 300 gm
Dimensions ( in mm) Please check below image
Operating Temperature 0º C to 45º C
Light Source 0.2 W LED
Qty of Led's 104/88/56
Efficiency 0.88
Power Factor 0.98
LED Angle 90 degree
PPFD 2-2.2µmole/watt
Wavelength 380nm-740nm
Heat Dissipation 308 btu/hr
LED Life 50,000 Hours
india Hydroponics LED Grow Lights 2
Please Note: HYGL8 1 ft available in Nx4 spectrum only
Hydroponics LED Grow Lights 3
Hydroponics LED Grow Lights 4
Hydroponics LED Grow Lights 5
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