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Speed Breeding

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Following Crops We Got Good Results, We Are Improving And Making Sure Will Get Better Results :


Wheat – 5-6 cycles per year

Cotton – Ball opening at 94 days

Mustard – 3 cycles per year

Okra – Flowering initiations at 20 days

Speed Breeding: Accelerating Plant Breeding For Faster Varietal Generation :

Speed breeding is an innovative technique that accelerates the generation of new plant varieties by manipulating environmental factors for rapid plant growth. By creating optimal growth conditions through extended light exposure, controlled temperature, and humidity, plants experience faster growth and shorter generation times. This technique is beneficial for crops with long breeding cycles like wheat, barley, rice, and other cereals, as well as crops with shorter breeding times.Speed breeding enables rapid selection of desirable traits such as disease resistance, improved yield, and enhanced nutrition.

It also aids in plant genetics research and genetic modification evaluation. With its potential to expedite breeding programs, speed breeding contributes to food security, addressing challenges such as climate change and population growth through the development of improved crop varieties.

Nexsel has dedicated over 5 years to the development of speed breeding solutions. Collaborating with plant breeders and seed companies, we have successfully designed and implemented speed breeding methodologies for a wide range of crops. To support our research endeavours, we have established an in-house facility that expedites our progress.

Over the past 5 years, we have conducted speed breeding trials on more than 12 different crops, yielding remarkable outcomes:

▪Wheat: Achieving 5 to 6 cycles per year.
▪Cotton: Attaining boll opening at 94 days.
▪Mustard: Facilitating 3 cycles per year.
▪Okra: Demonstrating cycle time reduction of up to 60%.

In our quest for effective speed breeding solutions,we recognize the critical importance of the following 8 parameters:

1. Temperature
2. Humidity
3. CO2 levels
4. Light spectrum
5. Light intensity
6. Lighting photoperiod
7. Nutrient management
8. Airflow

By meticulously managing these parameters, we optimize plant growth and development, thereby accelerating the breeding process and achieving exceptional results

Speed Breeding Lighting Solution :


Light is one the crucial and important parameters on speed breeding. Light plays vital role in speed breeding.

Speed Breeding Lighting solution is depending on following important parameters

1] Name of plant
2] Growth stages of plant (Vegetable, Flowering and Fruiting)
3] Photoperiod of plat
4] Structure Design

Nexsel has developed tailor made lighting solution for speed breeding application.

  • ▪  All in one grow light
  • ▪ TL 400/200
  • ▪ 3 in 1 grow light
  • ▪ GHGL 210 S


speed breading 2
(Set ‘n’ number of spectrum combination using 1 grow light)
Brief Description :


ALL-IN-ONE grow light is multi spectrum tuneable light with 6 LED Channels

ALL-IN-ONE grow light covers extended PAR range (390 nm to 750 nm) with real time control of each spectrum. This devise is specially designed to give different spectra with adjustable intensity for research work.

210 watts, with adjustable spectrum control, active cooling, height adjustment mechanism, IP 44

Key Features : 


▪Infinite spectral options

– The GHGL MSTL comes with 4 tunable LED channels at 395 nm, 450 nm, 660 nm, 735 nm, 3000 k and 5700 k

– Using 6 tunable LED channels, anyone can set ‘n’ number of spectrum combination.

▪Dimming – 0 to 100% Intensity control
▪Date Encryption

– Translating data from plaintext (unencrypted) to ciphertext (encrypted)

▪IOT based spectrum control
▪Active cooling

– It has active air cooling

▪High intensity LED chips

– High PPE upto 3.4 µmol/J

Key Benefits & Advantages : 


▪We can adjust and modify spectrum for any plants
▪Control lights from anywhere
▪Data encryption gives data security
▪Select the best possible spectra for optimum plant growth
▪Countless spectrum and intensity option
▪Remote spectrum operates

Application : 


▪Horticulture Research to finetune right spectrum
▪Speed Breeding

Other details : 


▪Product Dimensions (Length x width x height): 900 mm x 280 mm x 160 mm
▪Product Weight: 14 kg

MODEL: TL 400 :


400 Watt 3
400 Watt 2
Brief Description :
  • TL series is designed for polyhouse application 
  • This is series is designed in such way that it avoids shadow effect of lights
Technical Details
Part No TL 400
Wattage 400 watt
Size 1214x230x173 mm
Input Voltage 80 to 270 V AC
CRI Above 70
Weight 14.7 kg
Beam Angle 60 degree
Power Factor Above 90


grow light
Brief Description :

3 in 1 grow lights: 210 watts with three adjustable spectrum-controlled light, reflector design, Active cooling, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages. IP 44

Key Features : 


  • ▪3 spectra in 1 light 
  • ▪Active Cooling
  • ▪0 to 100% dimming provision
  • ▪High PPE LED Chips: up to 3.4 µmol/J
  • ▪Up to 1 meter height adjustment
  • ▪Backed with 30 months warranty 
Key Benefits & Advantages : 


  • ▪Enhanced plant growth: The 3 spectra in 1 light provide a broad spectrum of light that caters to different plant stages, resulting in faster growth and higher yields.
  • ▪Energy efficiency: The high-efficiency LED chips with up to 3.4 µmol/J PPE offer excellent energy efficiency, consuming less power and reducing electricity bills.
  • ▪Customizable lighting: The 0 to 100% dimming provision allows users to adjust the light intensity according to their plant’s requirements.
  • ▪Flexible installation: The adjustable height provision (up to 1 meter) makes it easy to set up the lights at the optimal height for the plants.
  • ▪Active cooling: Active cooling ensures that the lights stay at optimal temperature, improving their lifespan and performance.
  • ▪Warranty: The 30-month warranty offers peace of mind to users, assuring them of the product’s quality and reliability.
  • ▪Cost-effective: The long lifespan of the LED lights saves users from frequent replacements, reducing maintenance costs
Spectrum & Intensity Details :


Nx1 -Veg Spectrum 
speed breading 6
speed breading 7
Nx2 – Bloom Spectrum
speed breading 9
speed breading 10
Nx3 – Growth Spectrum 
speed breading 11
speed breading 12
Please Note: Below PPFD reading for 200 watt from 3ft with 60 degree Lense
Speed Breeding Complete Solution : 


For speed breeding complete solution Nexsel has developed ‘Speed Breeding Grow Chamber’

In Speed Breeding Growth Chamber, we can control following 7 important parameters

1] Temperature
2] Humidity
3] Co2
4] Air Flow
5] Lighting spectrum
6] Light Intensity
7] Photoperiod

Key Technical Specifications : 


  • ▪ Interior dimension: 21’Lx15’Wx10’H (feet) (Available in different customized sizes)
  • ▪ Insulation 40  mm or 50 mm
  • ▪ Insulation Density: 40-42  kg/cubic meter
  • ▪ Temperature range: 15° – 45° degrees
  • ▪ Relative humidity range between 35% to 75 %
  • ▪ Temperature uniformity: ≤1° degree
  • ▪ Humidity uniformity: ± 2%RH
  • ▪ Fresh Air: 10% per hour
  • ▪ Co2 supply provision with cut off sensor
  • ▪ Real time basis control
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