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Brief Description :


The handheld, battery-operated PAR meter is a device used to measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in the wavelength range of 400 to 700 nm. Its design includes a spectral response simulation probe that effectively measures photosynthetic function. It is an ideal tool for all types of growers to ensure the right light intensity for their plants. With its portable and easy-to-use design, this PAR meter allows growers to accurately measure PAR levels and optimize their plant’s growth and development.

Model :


NP 01

Minimum Order :

 01 pcs

Key Features :


▪Display Resolution 0.1 μmol/m2/sec (0-999); 1 μmol/m2/sec (1000-3999)
▪Repeatability +/-1 μmol/m2/sec
▪Measurement Range 0-4000 μmol/m2/sec
▪Cut-On Wavelength 400+/-10nm
▪Cut-Off Wavelength 700+/-10nm
▪Memory Record 100 Data log
▪Weight: 135 gm

Applications :


▪Indoor Plant Growth
▪Greenhouse Cultivation
Aquarium Lighting
▪Research and Education
▪Horticulture and Floriculture
▪Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Key Advantages & Benefits:


Accurate Measurements: The PAR meter has a display resolution of 0.1 μmol/m2/sec (0-999) and 1 μmol/m2/sec (1000-3999), providing precise and reliable measurements of PAR levels in the range of 0-4000 μmol/m2/sec. This allows growers to accurately assess the light intensity their plants are receiving, ensuring optimal growth conditions.
Repeatability: The PAR meter has a repeatability of +/-1 μmol/m2/sec, which ensures consistent and repeatable measurements, reducing variability and increasing reliability of the readings.
Wide Measurement Range: The PAR meter has a measurement range of 0-4000 μmol/m2/sec, allowing it to measure a wide range of light intensities, suitable for various stages of plant growth and different types of plants.
Spectral Response Simulation: The PAR meter is designed with a spectral response simulation probe that effectively measures the photosynthetic function of plants. This feature ensures accurate and relevant measurements of PAR levels, specifically tailored to the needs of plants.
Data Logging: The PAR meter has a memory record of 100 data logs, allowing growers to track and analyze light intensity measurements over time, enabling them to make informed decisions about lighting adjustments and optimize plant growth.
Portable and Lightweight: Weighing only 135 grams, the handheld PAR meter is lightweight and easy to carry around, making it convenient for growers to take measurements at different locations in their growing environment.
▪Ideal for All Types of Growers: The PAR meter is suitable for all types of growers, from hobbyists to professional cultivators, helping them to ensure the right light intensity for their plants and achieve optimal growth and yield.

Package Contents :

▪PAR meter unit
▪PAR meter sensor unit
▪4.9 ft coiled cable
▪12 ft straight cable
▪2 x AAA Batteries
▪User Manual

Technical Specifications
Operating Temperature O to 50 degree C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60 degree C
Operating and Storage RH 0-95%
Repeatability 50
Measurement Range 0-4000 μmol/m2/sec
Display Resolution 0.1 μmol/m2/sec (0-999);
Display Resolution 1 μmol/m2/sec (1000-3999)
Cut-On Wavelength 400+/-10nm
Cut-Off Wavelength 700+/-10nm
Memory Record 100 Data log
Dimension Main Unit: 115x60x24 mm
Dimension Sensor Unit: 80x46x26 mm
Power Requirements 2 x AAA Batteries
Weight 135 gm
Electrical Insulation Class A
Product Warranty (Months) 12
Quantum Sensor 3
Quantum Sensor 4
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