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Spectral Measurement Devices :


As a grow lights researcher and manufacturer, we know the importance of spectrometer to study response of different wavelengths to the plant.

Spectrometer is highly technical and precise devise use to measure different lighting parameters. Nexsel has made collaboration with UPRtek a Taiwan based spectrometer manufacture to support Nexsel’s lighting related research and sell UPRtek products in India.

Spectrometer also known as Handheld spectrometer, PAR meters, Spectroradiometers it is a mobile or portable light measuring devices have become an indispensable tool for companies and organizations researching on plant light relationship.

High precision spectral measurement instrumentation is often confined to laboratories and research centres. UPRtek’s 10-year endeavour has been to transform this out-of-reach technology and make it cost-effective and available to all industries. This means manufacturers produce with confidence, sellers sell with integrity and buyers buy with trust.

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Following two types of spectrometers widely used in India for horticulture applications

PG200N PAR Meter :


The PG200N is a Spectral PAR meter used to measure the quantity and quality of light for a new generation of indoor farmers who use artificial lighting as a substitute or complement to sunlight.

Light is formless and hard to measure. And yet, as an indoor farmer, it is a crucial to get your lighting right; quantity, intensity, colour and duration (diurnal and seasonal rhythms). These are the data components of sunlight that are the challenges of artificial lighting to emulate.

A PAR meter can provide you reliable measurement with comprehensive data tools to help you collect, analyze, and evaluate light data to help you understand your light-to-plant relationship and assist you in making better decisions for your research.

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MK350 D PAR Meter :


MK350D Compact is for users who just need a simple product with basic measurements essentials. And yet the measurement needs to be accurate and up to the scrutiny of global standards.

It is the smallest standalone professional spectral meter product on the market. It is ultra-easy to carry, but back at the office you can connect up to PCs for large screen full colour views and data export.

Important Features

▪90 x 30 x 32.2 mm (HxWxD)
▪Weight 70g
▪Flicker and Blue Light Hazard
▪MicroSD Card for data export
▪Mobile & PC Connectivity (Bluetooth)

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