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What our products do and how they do it.


  • What product do you recommend?

    ▪ The determining factor for which product model is best for your operation is dependent upon your goals and environment. There are numerous variables that will determine which product is best for your growing environment.
    ▪ Basic recommendation as below, For Indoor vertical farm: Model HYGL8 For Tissue cultural: Model TSGL8 or TSGL8R For Speed breeding: Model GHGL For vertical wall: Model GWGL.
    ▪ For more details send us inquiry on

  • Are Nexsel grow lights are actively cooled or passively?

    Its depends on model Following models are passively cooled

    ▪ HYGL8
    ▪ TSGL8
    ▪ TSGL8R
    ▪ GHGL 180
    Following model are actively cooled
    ▪ GHGL 3-S
    ▪ MSTL

  • Do your fixtures produce heat?

    Yes, all lighting systems produce heat, but our systems dissipate the heat differently than other LED systems, fluorescent or HID (i.e. metal halide) lighting systems. Fluorescent and HID lighting systems largely rely on radiative heat transfer from the front side of the fixture. This is why you can feel the heat if you place your hand in front of these lighting systems. This is compounded by the aluminum reflectors that are commonly used in these systems, and this can have a substantial impact on the temperature at canopy level. Nexsel systems rely on conduction and convection as the main heat transfer methods. This is why the heat sink on back of our fixtures will feel warm/hot. Since convection is carrying the heat away from the fixture from the top of the fixture, your canopy temperature will be minimally impacted compared to using a fluorescent and/or HID lighting system.

  • Do Nexsel lights get hot?

    This depends on the air temperature and air velocity around the fixture. If you have air flowing around the lights, they will barely feel warm.( 32 to 40 Degree C) However, if the air surrounding the fixture is hot or there is very little air movement, the fixture will feel very hot. This is normal because the fixture housing draws heat away from the LEDs by design. However, these are high-power lighting systems, so we do not recommend touching them.

  • What is umol/J and why does it matter?

    umol/J stands for micromole per Joule. It is a measurement to determine how efficient a light is at converting electrons into photons. Nexsel lighting systems are some of the most efficient on Earth. They are also some of the most powerful. It’s the balance between the two that we strive for real-world application. More on this later.

  • What is CRI and is it important to the development of my plants?

    A light’s color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal light source (i.e. the sun). This value is not important to how a plant responds or photosynthesizes. Where CRI is important is how well you can tell the true color of something, for example a leaf that might be chlorotic (lacking green). When you have an ideal CRI it is easier to detect color variations that might be indicating poor plant health. HYGL8 has a CRI of 85. For comparison, HPS has a CRI of 25.

  • What is PAR?

    Plants are photoautotroph's – using a narrow band of light between 400nm -700nm as a source of energy to make food molecules from carbon dioxide and water. This process is photosynthesis (the most important chemical process on Earth). The only type of light which enables photosynthesis is defined as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR): the narrow band of light between 400nm – 700nm. Light outside of this range is not photosynthetically active and will not generate greater biomass for those seeking improved yield.

  • What is PPF?

    An electronic light source converts electrons into photons. Lights for human vision measure output with lumens (measured in lux or footcandles). Lights for photobiological reactions measure output with photosynthetic photon flux (PPF). PPF tells us how much PAR a light source emits. Where PPF measures total PAR output of a lighting system, PPFD measures how much of that light is delivered to a canopy.

  • What is PPFD?

    An electronic light source converts electrons into photons. Lights for human vision measure output with lumens (measured in lux or footcandles). Lights for photobiological reactions measure output with photosynthetic photon flux (PPF). PPF tells us how much PAR a light source emits. Where PPF measures total PAR output of a lighting system, PPFD measures how much of that light is delivered to a canopy.

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  • Order Placement

    You can order our products by sending mail on, before placing any order please go through our catalog on website. For more discussion you can call on +91 9881798822

    Upon submission of your order you will be sent a confirmation email detailing the products that you ordered and all invoicing / shipping information. If there are any errors or problems with your order, please contact us immediately on

  • Warranty policy

    Product is covered under 12 month / 18 month / 24 months / 36 months standard warranty. Warranty is different for each model and same mentioned on invoice copy. Warranty applicable from date of invoice
    Extra Stock
    For smooth operation at buyers end, Nexsel provides extra stock during warranty period.
    ▪ For GHGL model – 1% extra stock maintained during warranty period
    ▪ For HYGL8/TSGL8 model – 2% extra stock maintained during warranty period
    ▪ Extra stock is applicable for MOQ 100 only
    ▪ Buyer has to send extra stock to Nexsel office after warranty period.
    Warranty product will be null and void if:
    ▪ The product is damaged physically
    ▪ The product is repaired, maintained, modified, and disassembled Warranty limitation
    ▪ Warranty product of product is limited to manufacturing defect
    ▪ Warranty product of product doesn’t cover other accessories such as strap, lens, case, holding clamp
    ▪ The warranty doesn’t cover replacement of product
    ▪ Warranty doesn’t cover damages caused due to God and force majeure acts How to claim warranty
    ▪ Send an email on by attaching invoice copy and no. of defective qty
    ▪ On emergency you contact us on +91 98817 98822
    ▪ Within 24 hours you will get call from our tech personal
    ▪ During warranty period – you have to use extra stock as immediate replacement
    ▪ Faulty stock you have to send on below address for repair work – Nexsel Tech Pvt Ltd Add- Chaitanya Industrial Estate, B Wing, S.No 6, On Narhe Road, Backside of Pooja Electronics, Landmark Bank of Maharashtra, Narhe 411 041, Pune. Mob - +91 98817 98822
    ▪ Within 7 days of material receivable, you will get product from our side

    Transportation Charges
    ▪ Nexsel will bear one side transportation charges
    ▪ Buyers has to bear other side transportation charges If more than 40% failure
    ▪ Buyer will get on side service After warranty period
    ▪ Buyer has to inform on email –
    ▪ Buyer has to pay both side transportation charges
    ▪ Buyer has to pay repair cost, same will inform once material received on office address

  • Stock Availability

    Due to the number of combinations available, we build every fixture to order on a FIFO basis (First In / First Out) basis. The lead time projection for production is based on our previous experience with getting inventory for this item from our suppliers, or our typical production lead times. The lead time projection is our best estimate, is not guaranteed and is subject to change or correction. Delivery time - 15-30 days from Advance

  • Shipping Information

    All products are shipped FOB from our facility in Pune, India
    Shipping & Handling Costs
    Shipping costs are based on current rates as published by the specific shipping carrier.

  • Payment Details

    You can do NEFT on mentioned bank details in Performa Invoice.
    If you pay by bank cheque, simply mail your cheque to our address. Once we receive the payment, we will start production on your order.
    We are unable to accept COD orders at this time.

  • Term Accounts

    Term accounts are available to qualifying organizations. With some exceptions, we typically require a few pre-paid orders to establish order volume and frequency trends before we are able to offer terms. Please contact us for more details.

    Our terms are Net 30 and are strictly enforced. We will not be able to process any order if your account is not up to date.

  • Pricing Information

    All pricing is based on INR (Indian Rupees) and is subject to change without notice

    Discount/Free Shipping

    From time-to-time we may offer discounted or free shipping based on the purchase value of your order.

  • Delivery Times

    Delivery times estimated based on 3rd party confirmation. These times are provided by the 3rd party shipping companies, are NOT guaranteed and can take longer on occasion. It has been our experience that while the shipping times provided by the 3rd party shipping companies are usually fairly accurate, there will be occasions where it will take longer. If you need your order be a specific date, we recommend that you use an Expedited or Express option instead.

  • Expediting

    Since we build orders on a first come, first serve basis, we are not able to expedite any orders. We want to be fair to all customers, and if we expedite one order, it means someone is going to get bumped down the schedule.

  • International Orders

    We will accept International orders from most countries. We can ship to you via FedEx, DHL and USPS. Duties and brokerage charges may be assessed by your counties customs service and the shipping company, and these charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

  • Order Cancellation

    If we have not started production on your order, you can cancel without penalty. Once we start production, orders may not be cancelled. To cancel an order, please send an email message to

  • Complimentary Service policy

    Complimentary service is an initiative taken by Nexsel to support customers for easy and proper installation of system. As its complimentary service and its free of cost. Kindly check below guidelines.
    1. Its one-time service supports
    2. This support will be on zoom/google meet/ mobile call for 30 minutes.
    3. This is complimentary service, Nexsel will not take any responsibility
    4. All suggested vendors are trusted and have good customer feedback from market but its buyer’s responsibility to cross check all details before doing any commercial transactions with them.
    5. For all suggested vendor – Nexsel will not take any responsibility of delivery, payment, quality and other service-related issues.
    6. We always recommended customer should cross check, compare and study all offer received from suggested vendors.

  • 100% Refund policy

    All our spectrums are proven and tested at our laboratory and customer end. To get confidence in our product we are coming up with 100% refund policy with following guidelines.

    1. As plant growth is depends on many other parameters, customer has to send data of last 25 days for analysis, it should contain below details.

    i. Temp readings
    ii. Humidity reading
    iii. EC/PH reading s
    iv. Seed make
    v. Nutrients make
    vi. Plant growth images

    2. Installation of grow lights must be as per Nexsel guidelines only, you should have installation guidelines on email.
    3. Our team examine system before initiating refund policy and they found that system is not as per guidelines then policy is not applicable.
    4. This policy is applicable only for below models and spectrums.
    HYGL8 Nx4 (4ft, 1ft)
    HYGL8 Nx1.1 (4ft,3ft,2ft)
    GHGL 3-S (Manual Model)
    GHGL 180
    5. Damaged material will not be refunded.
    6. Customer has to rise debit note for refund. 7. Refund will be initiated after the material received at Nexsel office. 8. This policy is applicable only for first 60 days from invoice date. 9. Payment Term - Payment will be done within 60 days of material return. 10. Nexsel management has all rights to make changes in policy.

  • 100% Material Buy Back

    We at Nexsel to support our valuable customer in case project is delayed or postponed, kindly check below guidelines for more details of 100% material buy back guarantee.

    1. This policy is applicable only for below Model
    HYGL8 Nx4 (4ft, 1ft)
    HYGL8 Nx1.1 (4ft,3ft,2ft)
    GHGL 3-S (Manual Model)
    GHGL 180
    2. This policy is not applied for customized product
    3. Return transportation charges will be in buyer scope
    4. Damaged material will not be accepted
    5. If material damaged during return transport then Nexsel will not responsible
    6. At the time of buying depreciation charges will consider as follow
    i. If material returned within 7 days from invoice date then will pay 95%
    ii. If material returned within 15 days from invoice date then will pay 90%
    iii. If material returned within 30 days form invoice date then will pay 75%
    iv. If material returned within 50 days from invoice date then will pay 60%
    v. If material returned within 60 days from invoice date then will pay 50%
    7. Between 60 to 90 days policy is applicable with following condition
    - Will cross check material before dispatching from customer end
    - Return payment will be between 20-40% as per material condition and all rights with Nexsel management
    8. This policy is not applicable after 90 days of invoice date
    9. Payment term - Customer has either collect cash for returned material or they have to raise debit note
    10. Payment Term - Payment will be done within 60 days of material return
    11. All rights to change policy is with Nexsel management

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