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Supplemental Grow Lights- 3 IN 1 GROW LIGHT

grow light
Brief Description :


3 in 1 grow lights: 210 watts with three adjustable spectrum-controlled light, reflector design, Active cooling, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages. IP 44

Area Coverage –

  1. Primary light source – 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft
  2. Secondary light source – 5 ft x 5 ft
Model :


3-IN-ONE Grow light

Key Features :


▪3 spectra in 1 light
▪Active Cooling
▪0 to 100% dimming provision
▪High PPE LED Chips: up to 3.4 µmol/J
▪Up to 1 meter height adjustment
▪Backed with 30 months warranty

Key Benefits & Advantages :


Enhanced plant growth: The 3 spectra in 1 light provide a broad spectrum of light that caters to different plant stages, resulting in faster growth and higher yields.
Energy efficiency: The high-efficiency LED chips with up to 3.4 µmol/J PPE offer excellent energy efficiency, consuming less power and reducing electricity bills.
Customizable lighting: The 0 to 100% dimming provision allows users to adjust the light intensity according to their plant’s requirements.
Flexible installation: The adjustable height provision (up to 1 meter) makes it easy to set up the lights at the optimal height for the plants.
Active cooling: Active cooling ensures that the lights stay at optimal temperature, improving their lifespan and performance.
Warranty: The 30-month warranty offers peace of mind to users, assuring them of the product’s quality and reliability.
Cost-effective: The long lifespan of the LED lights saves users from frequent replacements, reducing maintenance costs

Applications :


▪Supplementary light
▪Speed breeding
▪Home Growers

Spectrum :


3 spectra in 1 light – Veg, Bloom and Growth (Nx1, Nx2 and Nx3)

Installation accessories :


▪Height adjustment mechanism
▪1-meter-long Input cord

180 watt 2
Grow Chambers
Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 80-300VAC
Power Consumption 210 watt
Input Current 1000 mA
Dimensions (in mm) 500 mm x 300 mm x 125 mm
Operating Temperature 0®-45®
Efficiency Above 90%
LED Life Span 50,000
Power factor 0.98
Light Source 3w
Weight 8Kg
PPE 3.4-3.6µmole/J
Wavelength 395 nm, 450 nm, 660 nm,730nm, 6500K
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Overall Current Protection Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Warranty 30 months
Spectrum & Intensity Details :


Nx1 -Veg Spectrum 
speed breading 6
speed breading 7
Nx2 – Bloom Spectrum
speed breading 9
speed breading 10
Nx3 – Growth Spectrum 
speed breading 11
speed breading 12
Please Note: Below PPFD reading for 200 watt from 3ft with 60 degree Lense
india Nexsel6

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