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Alpha Smart Grow Cabinet

india Smart Grow Cabinet
Brief Description :


PLC base controller, smart grow chamber, 210-watt grow light, all in one grow light, Growing area – 60 cm x 60 cm x 90 cm (L x W x H) Temperature, Humidity and Co2 Control & indication, with AHU (air handling unit) and dimming and spectrum control of

  • ▪ Internal size (W x D x H) cm: 60 x 60 x 90
  • ▪ Outer Size (W x D x H) in cm: 78 x 85 x 180

Grow chamber is suitable for all types of local plant growth. More energy efficient own it, you are ready to do research.

Model :



Minimum Order :



Key Features :


▪ All in One grow light
▪0-100% dimming of light
▪0-1000 PPFD at 45 cm from light
▪20°C to 50°C Temperature control
▪40 to 85% RH.
▪324 litter capacity of GC
▪350 to 1200 PPM Co2
▪AHU with 20% fresh air per hour

Key Benefits & Advantages :


Lighting Mastery: Set ‘n’ of spectrum combination using ALL IN ONE grow light.
Dynamic Lighting Control: Enjoy 0-100% dimming and 0-1000+ PPFD adjustments at 50cm, tailoring light to your plants’ exact needs.
Optimal Environment: From 20°C to 50°C, fine-tune temperature and 40-85% RH for ideal growth conditions year-round.
CO2 Supercharge: Improve photosynthesis by changing the CO2 levels (350 to 1200
PPM) for faster, healthier plants.
Fresher Air, Faster Growth: An integrated AHU introduces 20% fresh air per hour, help to improve ventilation for promoting robust and rapid plant development.
▪ Speed Breeding Success: Achieve exceptional results with simplified, effective
control over light, climate, and CO2 – your formula for speed breeding triumph.

Applications :

▪ Horticultural research .
▪ Speed Breeding.
▪ Pharma Companies.

Spectrum :


Set ‘n’ number of spectrum option using ALL IN ONE grow light

Technical Specifications
Main System Technical Specification
Cabinet Weight (Kg) 80 Kg
Outer Dimension
Height (in./mm) 70 / 180
Width (in./mm) 30 / 78
Depth (in./mm) 33 / 85
Inner Dimension
Height (in./mm) 35 / 90
Width (in./mm) 24 / 60
Depth (in./mm) 24 / 60
Power Requirement (50Hz) 230 VAC, 3 A single phase
Cooling Requirement 20°C to 60°C
Controller Technical Specification
Control characteristic Digital controlling
Control method PLC control
Rated input voltage 180VAC- 240VAC
Response time <5sec
Working temperature -0°C -- +45°C
Working humidity <60%
Degree of protection IP50
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india Smart Grow Cabinet3
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