Why Nexsel Grow Lights for Plants Good Growth.


Why Grow Lights

To reduce plant cycle time -
We’re driving change to increase access to light and give more specific wavelength suitable for plant growth

Good Quality Food supply

More and more consumers are demanding safe, healthy and sustainably-produced food through the intelligent use of land, water, and energy close to their homes. 

Regular fresh food supply

City Farming makes it possible to grow tasty and healthy food virtually anywhere, regardless of the weather or season. A controlled setting using light recipes leads to higher yields, less waste and consistently high quality with maximum nutrition and taste.

Smart Farming
1) With this technology, social and business life no longer has to stop when the sun goes down. Light becomes a catalyst for recreation, productivity and economic growth.
2) Farmers can tune the crops to the wishes of the population they’re growing for or steer the crop for desirable traits – for increasing vitamin C in tomatoes or boosting the crispiness of lettuce, for example. However, growing with LEDs is a relatively new field and that means that no one has it down to an exact science yet
3) Using light alone to create bigger yields per plant; producing more marketable crops overall; and changing the wavelength of light to change the flavour of foods
4) Controlled growing environments already mean less water waste, less chemical runoff and a more efficient use of space. As stated, reduced heat produced by LEDs leads to the use of significantly less water increasingly important in times of record drought.

Why Nexsel

Knowledge of Horticulture -
Nexsel has good amount of knowledge of horticulture filed. Team Nexsel has experts from hydroponics, green house and tissue culture industry

Tie-up with agriculture universities -
Nexsel is doing R&D work together with many agriculture universities in India

Electronics background -
Nexsel has 3 years experience of LED filed, completed various industrial and commercial projects in India.  

Practical Experience -
Nexsel has completed projects across India. Curently working on various projects in India as well as in Gulf and African countries.

Instruments and Testing facilities -
Nexsel has all world class instruments necessary for horticulture lights including Spectrum meter, PPFD meter, PAR meter, LUX meter etc. Also Nexsel has separate laboratory for Hydroponics and Tissue culture products testing.

Project solution -
We give complete solution and light recipe for horticulture lighting.

Economical Solution -
As Nexsel working on empowering farmers of India we give most economical solution.

Client Portfolio

Nexsel has completed following horticulture projects
1. Rise n Shine Biotech, Pune
2. A One Start Biotech , Pune
3. Hi-tech power system , Ahmednagar
4. Greeban Fresh Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
5. Easy Gardening, Bangalore
6. Sushain Puri, Amaritsar
7. Urban Farms, Mumbai


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