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LED Grow Lights vs Regular LED Lights: Which is Better for Your Tissue Culture Plants?

india LED Grow Lights
india LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights have been becoming increasingly popular among indoor gardeners as they offer several advantages over traditional lighting sources. However, there is still some confusion among growers about the difference between regular LED lights and LED grow lights, and whether they can be used interchangeably.

Firstly, The Technical Differences Between Regular LED Lights and LED Grow Lights

  1. One of the main differences between regular LED lights and LED grow lights is their spectrum. Normal lights are designed to be most suitable for human eyes, whereas grow lights are optimized for plant photosynthesis. Human eyes absorb more light at the green region of the wavelength, while plants absorb more at the blue and red regions. 
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india LED Grow Lights 4

Therefore, LED grow lights are specifically designed to provide an optimum spectrum for plant growth, whereas regular lights are suitable for human eyes. 

  1. Another critical factor to consider is light intensity, which directly affects plant growth and development. LED grow lights are designed to provide the optimal amount of light for healthy plant growth, whereas regular lights are not designed with plant growth requirements in mind. Therefore, if regular lights are used for growing plants, they may result in weaker growth or yellowing and burning of leaves.
  2. The life of the light is also an essential consideration when selecting between regular LED lights and LED grow lights. LED grow lights are designed to sustain up to 18 hours of artificial light daily, which is essential for healthy plant growth, while regular lights are designed to last for only up to 8 hours daily. LED grow lights can last up to five years or more, while regular lights have a shorter life span.
  3. Additionally, LED grow lights are developed to sustain adverse temperature conditions, while regular lights are designed to be used at room temperature. 
  4. Grow lights has specially designed connectors that save installation and wiring costs by up to 60%.

Now, we try to understand the impact of these differences on plant growth and the results that matter the most.

After extensive research and testing, we have observed some significant differences between LED grow lights and regular LED lights. Here are the key parameters we have observed:

  1. Plant Coloration: Plants grown under LED grow lights appear lush green while those grown under regular LED lights look yellowish. This difference is due to the anthocyanin content in the plants, which is triggered by the right spectrum of light. With LED grow lights, you can expect better coloration in your plants.
  2. Multiplication Ratio: Micropropagation multiplication is essential in growing plants. We have observed that LED grow lights have a multiplication ratio up to 2 times more than regular LED lights in all varieties. This means you can expect a higher yield from your plants with LED grow lights.
  3. Steam Thickness: Steam thickness is another important factor in plant growth. We have observed that steam thickness is better in plants grown under LED grow lights than regular LED lights.
  4. Rooting Stage: In the rooting stage, the impact of both LED lights is similar. However, in some varieties, roots may turn pinkish if we increase the light exposure beyond their regular time.
  5. Plant Health: Plants grown under LED grow lights appear healthier and uniform compared to those grown under regular LED lights. This is because LED grow lights provide the right spectrum of light that plants need for optimal growth.

While LED grow lights provide many benefits over regular LED lights, it’s important to note that plants grown under CFL lights tend to grow better than those grown under LED lights. However, LED grow lights can match up to 90% of the growth seen in CFL plants.

Conclusion : LED grow lights differ from regular LED lights in spectrum, intensity, lifespan, temperature resistance, and installation. LED grow lights enhance plant coloration, multiplication ratio, steam thickness, rooting stage, and overall plant health. LED grow lights can match up to 90% of the growth seen in CFL plants

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