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Plant Lighting Troubleshooting

Introduction: Plant lighting, also known as grow lights or artificial lights, plays a crucial role in supporting plant growth, especially in indoor or shaded environments. With various lighting sources available, including HPS, CFL, MH, and LED, LED has emerged as the most efficient and preferred choice. Whether for commercial applications like plant research and indoor […]


How to Measure Light Intensity for Plants

Proper light intensity is a critical factor in promoting healthy plant growth and development. Whether you are a seasoned horticulturist, an avid gardener, or a plant enthusiast, understanding and measuring light intensity is an essential skill.


PAR METER for plants: A Must-Have Device for Optimal Plant Growth

Light intensity is a critical factor that directly affects plant growth and development. As a plant owner or farmer, it is essential to have a


What is the difference between PAR meter, Spectrometer and LUX meter

McCree curve represent the plant light absorption pattern in light spectrum. PAR is the region between 400 nm to 700 nm

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