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Warranty Policy

Nexsel Tech Pvt Ltd. (“Nexsel”) warrants its light emitting diode (LED) luminaries, to be free from defect in material and workmanship (the “Limited Warranty”) for a period of two (2) years from the date of shipment from Nexsel facilities with standard warranty, or a for period of three (3) years from date of shipment from Nexsel facilities if the purchaser elects to purchase the optional extended 3-year warranty.


Nexsel warrants its dimmers and other LED Luminaire controlling products (“Spectrum Controllers”) to be free from defect in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment from Nexsel facilities.


This Limited Warranty applies only when the LED Products are installed in applications in which ambient temperatures are within the range of intended operating temperatures. Nexsel will not be responsible under this Limited Warranty for any failure of the LED Products that is a result of external causes such as acts of nature; physical damage; environmental conditions; vandalism; fire; power failure, improper power supply, power surges or dips, or excessive switching; induced vibration; animal or insect activity; fault or negligence of purchaser, any end user of the LED Products or any third party not engaged by Nexsel; improper or unauthorized use, installation, handling, storage, alteration, maintenance or service or failure to comply with any applicable codes and/or recommendations.


Fluence will also not be responsible under this Limited Warranty for any substantial deterioration in the fixture finish that is caused by failure to clean, inspect or maintain the finish of the LED Products. If the LED Products are used on existing foundations, anchorages or structures, the end user is solely responsible for the structural integrity of such existing foundations, anchorages or structures and all consequences arising from their use. Adequate records of operating history, maintenance, and/or testing must be kept by the end user and provided to Nexsel upon request to substantiate that the LED Products have failed to comply with the terms of this Limited Warranty.


This Limited Warranty only applies to commercial sales through the Nexsel office, or through authorized distributors or retailers.


This Limited Warranty extends only to the LED Products as delivered to, and is for the sole and exclusive benefit of, the original end user of the LED Products at the original location. This Limited Warranty may not be transferred or assigned by the original end user. The repair or replacement of any Products or component part within the LED Luminaire(s) is the sole and exclusive remedy for failure of the Products to comply with the terms of this Limited Warranty and does not extend the Limited Warranty period. Warranty claims regarding the Products must be submitted in writing within (30) days of discovery of the defect or failure to an authorized Nexsel post-sales or customer service representative.

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Nexsel is a research-driven horticultural lighting manufacturer that provides LED grow lights for biotech and horticulture purposes.

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