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Tissue Culture Lighting Cost

Tissue Culture Lighting Cost

Tissue Culture Lighting Cost

When considering the replacement of conventional CFL lights with LED lights, lighting cost and return on investment (ROI) are crucial factors to consider. By using LED lights, electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 60%, leading to significant savings on electricity bills.

LED lights have proven to be a game-changer in tissue culture operations, offering more than just improved performance compared to conventional fluorescent lights. In this article, we will explore how LED lights provide cost-effective solutions for tissue culture facilities, while simultaneously enhancing productivity and sustainability.

Let’s begin by discussing a case study of 1 plant growth room (PGR) in a tissue culture lab. Currently, there are 1180 40-watt CFL lights installed, with a crop of bananas and a photoperiod of 14 hours per day. Suppose we replace the 40-watt CFL lights with 18-watt LEDs.

To understand the electricity consumption of a 40-watt CFL light, we calculate:
40 watts × 14 hours per day × 1200 lights × 30 days per month = 20,160 kWh, which is equivalent to 20,160 units per month.

Now, for 18-watt LED grow lights:
18 watts × 14 hours per day × 1200 lights × 30 days per month = 9,072 kWh, which is equivalent to 9,072 units per month.

The net saving in units is calculated as 20,160 – 9,072 = 11,088 units per month.

Assuming an electricity tariff of INR 8.5 per unit, the monthly savings would be:
11,088 units × INR 8.5 = INR 94,248.

Next, let’s consider the capital investment for the LED grow lights. The cost of an 18-watt grow light is approximately INR 650 per grow bar. For 1200 lights:
1200 lights × INR 650 = INR 780,000 + 18% government tax = INR 920,400.

To replace the CFL lights with LED lights, there are additional costs associated with manpower and wiring rework. Assuming INR 100 for installation charges:
Installation charges: 1200 lights × INR 100 = INR 120,000.

Therefore, the total investment to replace 1 PGR would be:
Capital investment + installation charges = INR 920,400 + INR 120,000 = INR 1,040,400.

With monthly savings of INR 94,248, the return on investment (ROI) can be calculated as:
ROI = 1,040,400 / 94,248 = 11.03 months, which is approximately 12 months.

Considering that LED lights typically come with a 30-month warranty, the ROI of the light replacement is achieved within the warranty period.

In above article we are trying answer following questions,

What is the ROI of Light replacement in tissue culture lab?

Is LED replacement of led light cost effective?

How to calculate ROI of CFL light replacement to LED in my tissue culture lab.

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