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Tissue cultural grow light

Tissue cultural grow light

Tissue cultural grow light :

Three most important parameters while designing grow lights solution for tissue cultural
1. Type of plants – Name of the plant and its genotype is the most important parameter
2. Structure details – Room size, Rack Length, No. of layers, dispatch between two layers, bottle height and no. of systems in a room
3. Power consumption study – CFL are most suitable for TC plants, but shifting to LEDs is smart decision which will be successful after appropriate study of electricity consumption

Following are the most important parameters while selecting light for tissue cultural plants
1. Spectrum – Full spectrum grow lights works better with appropriate ratios of 450 nm, 660 nm, 520nm and 595 nm
2. Intensity – Its mainly depends on type of plants, normally it varies from 30 PPFD to 110 PPFD.
3. Photoperiod

Following are the important stages, where light performance matter most
1. Rooting
2. Shooting
3. Mortification

We are at Nexsel has 4 years + experience over multiple tissue cultural plants. We are closely monitoring effect of different wavelengths and intensities on different plants.

Lets connect with us for more details, our technical team always ready for right support. For more details kindly connect with us on +91 9881798822 and [email protected]

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