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What is the Broad Spectrum?

What is the broad spectrum?

What is the broad spectrum? What is the optimum spectrum?

This two questions question which we often hear from our customers.

Today lets try to understand what is broad spectrum and where is should be used.

Broad Spectrum – In a simple world we can say, the spectrum which closer to the plant absorption pattern is called a Broad Spectrum. Plant absorption pattern is shown in McCree curve which is also called plant absorption theory. 
Where it is used – For indoor application while growing plants which is having different growth stages (such as Veg, Flowering, and Fruiting) where broad-spectrum LED luminaires are better than red/blue since they emit a wide range of wavelengths for your crop throughout the different growth stages. 

This is important because as we do more research, we are discovering that wavelengths such as green, yellow-green, which were previously thought of as not very useful, are proving to be important in photosynthesis and certain morphological responses.

Additionally, Nexsel broad-spectrum luminaires emit energy in the far-red region, which can help promote stem extension and leaf expansion.  

Also, broad-spectrum lights play important role in such a growing environment where people has to identify issues such as nutritional deficiency, pets, leaf texture, diseases, leaf coloration, etc due to higher CRI. So broad spectrum light is pleasing to the eye & makes it easier to work.

Drawbacks –

Broad spectrum LEDs have lower efficacy than red/blue LEDs due to conversion, energy, and optical losses within the phosphor conversion process.

Yes, there is always the possibility to give better broad spectrum by doing a better mixture of different wavelengths. In our research facility, using our specialized light we are always improving on it.

In Next article, will explain about what is an optimum spectrum is and where it is used.

If you have any questions or query then feel free to comment below.

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