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Green Wall Lighting Solution - Basic Details

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If you’re looking for a lighting solution for your indoor green wall, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we explore our offerings, let’s delve into the basics of plant lighting for green walls. When designing an optimal lighting solution, there are four critical parameters of light that we must consider
1. Light Spectrum
2. Light Intensity
3. Photoperiod
4. Light Uniformity
Let’s explore each parameter in greater detail and its relevance to your green wall:

Light Spectrum:


Light spectrum, or light quality, is a key parameter when designing a lighting solution for a green wall.
Nexsel understands the importance of light spectrum in designing green wall lighting solutions. Using our unique 4-step spectra development process, we have created spectrums that cater to all types of ornamental plants, ensuring optimum leaf size and desired colours.
Our developed spectrums not only promote plant thriving but also facilitate plant growth. We always refer the McCree action spectrum in our development process.

india Green Wall Lighting Solution
Choose from our three specially crafted spectrums for your green wall needs
Nx5 : Warm white – eco spectrum suitable for green indoor ornamental plants

0 11 40 44 6 94 3040K 81 0.26 7.36 4.12
Nx5.1: (updated spectrum) Sun like, wide spectrum – Specially optimised for all types of semi-indoor different colour ornamental plants, we can use for flowering application

0 21 38 36 6 94 7000K 98 0.55 6.13 1.72
Nx4B – Broad spectrum Suitable for all types of ornamental plants specially designed for outdoor application.

0 11 33 45 11 89 3190k 94 0.34 4.10 3.94
Light Intensity:


Light Intensity. Measured in PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) with the unit umol/m2/sec, it determines the amount of light plants receive. For ornamental plants, the recommended intensity range is typically 15 to 200 PPFD. To cater to different light requirements, indoor plants are commonly classified based on their light needs.

Based on the amount of light required for growth, indoor plants are often classified as follows

i. Low light intensity requirement

▪Minimum Requirement – 15 umol/s/m²
▪Requirement for good growth – 20-38 umol/s/m²
▪Common example – Peacelily, Heart-leaf philodendron, Cast-iron plant etc.

ii. Medium light intensity requirement

▪Minimum Requirement – 20-28 umol/s/m²
▪Requirement for good growth – 38-92 umol/s/m²
▪Common example – African violet, Boston fern, Dumb cane etc.

iii. High light intensity requirement

▪Minimum Requirement – 28-92 umol/s/m²
▪Requirement for good growth – 92-180 umol/s/m²
▪Common example – Weeping fig, English ivy, Schefflera etc

iv. Very high light intensity requirement

▪Minimum Requirement – 180 umol/s/m²
▪Requirement for good growth – 180+ umol/s/m²
▪Common example – Hibiscus, Rex begonia, Geranium etc



Just like humans, plants require a proper day-night cycle. Our lighting solutions feature programmable timers, enabling you to simulate natural lighting conditions. This way, your green wall can experience the right photoperiod, encouraging proper growth patterns and flowering.

Light Uniformity:


Let’s shed some light on the importance of light uniformity! Ensuring consistent light intensity is crucial for uniform plant growth. While maintaining the exact same intensity on every plant can be challenging, we have two key parameters to help achieve uniformity: proper light installation and lighting simulation.
At Nexsel, we employ advanced software like Dialux, 2D design, and utilize PPFD and IES files to create simulation plans. These simulation reports simplify the process of generating a comprehensive lighting design tailored specifically for your green wall.

We present a compelling portfolio of success stories demonstrating our expertise in green wall lighting solutions.

Green Wall Lighting Solution 2
1. UPL House Mumbai:


We were approached by UPL House in South Mumbai to resolve low light intensity issues. After our successful work with their seed division in Hyderabad, we were able to provide a solution by installing one 18ft x 7ft green wall. We suggested GWGL 80 models and helped with installation.

After seeing positive results for 1 year, UPL House entrusted us with two additional green walls, measuring 18ft x 7ft and 10ft x 12.5ft. Our team was able to successfully supply and install the additional green walls, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer Pain Points

Nexsel Solution

Concerned about rain and humidity.

IP 65 Grow Light

Concerned about heigh of green wall (12ft)

Provided Higher wattage lights so plant at bottom also grows well

Unsatisfactory prior experience with grow lights

Recommended initial trial project before proceeding with full implementation

Green Wall Lighting Solution 3
2. Flash Electronics, Pune:


Flash Electronics was referred to us by our esteemed customer, Mr. Rohit Jadhav, who informed us about their plan to install an indoor green wall. Our team visited their office, gathered the necessary dimensions and details, and designed a lighting solution for a green wall measuring 14.7 ft width x 7.8 ft height. We assisted them in installing the grow lights.

After observing successful results for 8 months, Flash Electronics awarded us a contract for 4 green walls, each measuring 22ft width x 7.8 ft height, at their new location.

Customer Pain Points

Nexsel Solution

Concerned about Aesthetic of office

Given lights matching to interior

Concerns arise regarding green wall placement and optimal lighting integration

Executive visit confirms green wall location and suggests lighting placement.

Concerned about installation

Streamlined installation process with drawings & online support.

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3. Lansum Estates LLP At Visakhapatnam:



We consider the Lansum project as a significant milestone for our team, as it marks the first of its kind in India.

Referred to us by a trusted source in Hyderabad. Mr. Syam Prasad, an innovative and talented individual, leads the project. The scale of the project was immense, with 40 floors, out of which the first 20 floors suffered from inadequate lighting located at Visakhapatnam.

Our team promptly visited the site in Visakhapatnam, meticulously gathered all necessary details, and provided them with a comprehensive lighting solution.

After 6-8 months, we received an exciting call from the client, expressing their satisfaction with our work and offering us another project. This subsequent project proved to be doubled the size of the initial one, solidifying our position as a trusted provider in the industry

Customer Pain Points

Nexsel Solution

Wet and dry outdoor climate

Given IP 65 grow lights

Concerned about promised spectrum and intensity

Our Engineer visited Visakhapatnam and confirmed both parameter as promised.

Concerned about delivery schedule

Both projects completed a week before promised date

Green Wall Lighting Solution 2
4. Corporate Office At Mumbai :
Green Wall Lighting Solution 5

Customer Pain Points

Nexsel Solution

Concerned about results

Shown in-house green wall results

Product longevity and quality standards are a concern.

Provided BIS certificate

Concerned about delivery time

Made material ready on promised date.

Our collaborative partnerships include the following clients :


▪Ugaoo Agritech Pvt Ltd
▪Gamlaa Bioscapes Pvt Ltd
▪May Flower Horticulture
▪Corona Greens
▪Aquaworld Greentech Pvt Ltd
▪Roof to roots

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