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Green Wall Lighting

Green Wall Lighting

Green Wall Lighting

Know more about vertical green wall lighting :

Light is one of the most important parameters for houseplants. Plant require light for photosynthesis, which convert carbon dioxide and water into energy (in sugar form).

This energy require for vegetable, flowering and fruiting stage of plants depends on plant type. Without this energy plants will die, so you must observe that without proper lighting plants may turn yellow or begin to leaf fall, this phenomenon is called as abscission.

What are green walls?

Living green wall are vertically structured greenery with inbuilt vertical irrigation or grow lights system. This greenery not only acts as aesthetic design but also, helps to absorb surrounding sound and acoustic energy.

In the case of green walls, without proper lighting; dying plants ruin the whole concept of green wall. Without healthy plants, there is no green wall. Green wall requires proper lighting, if its indoor then we have to give artificial lights for plants i.e., also know as grow lights for green wall.

Every plant has different lighting requirement some plants require low light intensities i.e., 15-20 μmol/J, some require medium light intensity i.e., 20-40 μmol/J and some require high light intensity i.e., 40-80 μmol/J. Also, every plant has different photoperiod (duration of light ON/day), most plant do not thrive in 24 hours of lighting. Just like humans, plants need time to rest in the dark. Plants sense darkness compared to human eyes which sense lights. 

Developing a lighting plan to accompany your green wall is a challenging task. To select right solution for green wall lighting, we need to know following things,

  1. Name of plants
  2. Size of green wall
  3. Green wall location (Indoor, semi-indoor and outdoor but under shade)

From name of plants, we can finalize the most suitable spectrum, light intensity and photoperiod. Ex. For money plant require broad spectrum, 15-20 PPFD and 8 hours/day lighting exposure.

Size of green wall give us insights us about total lighting requirement, no. of lighting fixture required and position of lighting fixture. Lighting installation is one the most important parameter, we have to make sure that, all plants get uniform light and lighting design should aesthetically match to green wall.

Green wall location plays important role in selecting lighting fixture IP rating and lighting intensity requirement. 

To know more about lighting requirement of your green wall, you can reach us on [email protected] or +91 988 17 988 22.

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