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Artificial Lighting for Green Wall

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Green walls have emerged as a necessary & impactful element in modern indoor spaces. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, green walls offer a following important benefits.

  1. They purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide & releasing oxygen, contributing to a healthier  indoor environment.
  2. These living vertical gardens also act as natural sound barriers, reducing noise pollution &  enhancing acoustic comfort.


Green walls have found applications in various settings such as
         • Offices,
         • Shopping malls,
         • Hotels,
         • Residential spaces

Transforming these environments into vibrant & refreshing sanctuaries.

Artificial lighting is vital in ensuring the success of indoor green walls. With limited access to natural sunlight, artificial light provides the necessary spectrum & intensity for plants to undergo photosynthesis, promoting healthy growth. It offers consistent lighting conditions, unaffected by external factors like weather or building orientation. This makes it an indispensable tool in creating thriving green walls, regardless of the availability of natural light.

As a leading provider of cutting-edge lighting solutions, Nexsel offers

          1. Optimal light spectrum for required photosynthesis
          2. Design right light intensity
          3. Suggest proper installation artificial lights for green wall

By choosing Nexsel, businesses can enhance the beauty & benefits of their green walls, creating stunning indoor landscapes that promote well-being, sustainability & a harmonious blend of nature & architecture.

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Artificial lighting for green wall

Advantages of green wall

Application of green wall

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