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Vertical Green Wall: Bringing Nature Indoors with Nexsel’s Optimum Spectrum Lighting Solutions

As our cities continue to grow and become more urbanized, there is a growing need to bring nature back into our indoor spaces. At Nexsel, we understand the importance of this need, which is why we have developed a lighting system that is perfect for indoor vertical green wall applications. Our lighting system provides the optimum spectrum of light for indoor ornamental plants, ensuring their growth and health.

Through extensive experimentation on various indoor ornamental plants with different spectrums, we have determined that the optimum spectrum for indoor vertical green wall applications is a combination of blue, red and white light. Initially, we developed a spectrum called NX5, which provided excellent plant growth results.

At Nexsel, we are constantly researching and experimenting to develop better solutions. We have further optimized our lighting solutions and developed a new spectrum, NX5.1, which provided even better results than NX5 in terms of leaf size and overall growth of the plant.

Here’s a brief comparison between the two spectrums :

By using our NX5.1 spectrum, you can be assured that your indoor vertical green wall will receive the best possible lighting conditions for healthy growth and maintenance. This spectrum will produce denser leaves and fill your vertical garden with a lush green tone. It also provides the plants with the necessary energy for photosynthesis while also promoting healthy growth and colouration, resulting in larger and healthier plants.

By choosing Nexsel’s horticultural lighting system with the NX5.1 spectrum for your indoor vertical green wall, you are making a commitment to sustainability and improving the health and well-being of your space. Our lighting system provides energy-efficient lighting that is not only good for your plants, but also for the environment.

Nexsel’s NX5.1 spectrum is the perfect solution for indoor vertical green wall applications. It provides the optimum spectrum of light for indoor ornamental plants, ensuring their health and growth, and is backed by our ongoing commitment to research and development. With our lighting solutions, you can enjoy the many benefits of nature indoors while reducing your carbon footprint. Choose Nexsel for a greener, healthier, and more beautiful future.

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