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india Greenhouse Light PAR Lamps

Greenhouse light: PAR Lamps

Greenhouse growers use PAR lamps as supplemental lights. Supplementary lighting is an artificial lighting source used in green house to get sufficient light quantity and

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india Green Wall Lighting

Green Wall Lighting

Light is one of the most important parameters for houseplants. Plant require light for photosynthesis, which convert carbon dioxide and water into energy (in sugar

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india artificial light

Artificial Lights For Plant

Frequently asked questions about artificial lights? What are artificial lights? Why plants require artificial light? What is grow light? Why grow light require for plant?

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india How To Compare Grow Lights

How to compare grow lights?

To compare different grow light, you should understand basic metric units of horticultural lights and its measuring devices. To protect from misleading information, marketing claim

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Nexsel is a research-driven horticultural lighting manufacturer that provides LED grow lights for biotech and horticulture purposes.

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