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How to accelerate wheat crop research using speed breeding?

How to accelerate wheat crop research using speed breeding?

Speed Breeding : The growing human population and a changing environment have raised significant concern for global food scarcity. With the current improvement rate of several important crops inadequate to meet future demand.

Wheat is annual crop and great source to carbohydrates. It is considered that increasing wheat production might solve the problem of world hunger. Speed breeding can be the best way available to increase wheat production across the geography.

Speed breading is a technique that involves manipulation of environmental conditions using plant growing accessories such as grow lights. This technique mainly used to accelerate the growth of genotype and flowering so that, its successor grows even quickly. 

Speed breeding method can be used to achieve up to 5-6 generations per year with a true controlled-environment in the greenhouse or growth chamber.

When it comes to growing plants artificially lighting is one of the most important environmental factors during its growing cycle. We can achieve up to 6 generations of wheat crop annually using speed breeding.

This reduced growth cycle of plants can be achieved through various breeding methods. One of these methods is controlling exposure of external light to growing plants.

So, while conducting plant research either use polyhouse breeding condition or controlled environment room chambers. You can refer following conditions to grow wheat crops using speed breeding techniques.

  1. Increase photoperiod upto 22 hours per day 2 hours darkness
  2. Maintain proper temperature of 22 °C during the photoperiod, and 17 °C during the 2-hour dark period.
  3. Set humidity at 70%
  4. Use high intensity light (Nexsel GHGL S 210 Model) and make sure will get PPFD upto 700 µmol m−2 s−1 at
  5. You can use nutrients and grow media of regular breeding

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Kindly note – given image is a representation of speed breeding facility, its particularly for wheat. 

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