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Light Quality and Light Intensity

Light Quality and Light Intensity :

For a commercial grower, a small difference in plant growth rate can have a significant impact on profit. Since plant growth is driven by light, it is important to provide the right lighting for your plants.

The two components of horticulture lighting (light quality and light intensity) greatly affect plant photosynthesis and other plants’ morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters.

The response of plants to different spectral radiations and intensities differs in various species and also depends on growing conditions.

To date, much research has been conducted regarding how different spectral radiations of varying intensity can affect plant growth and development

Light intensity

Light Intensity is usually defined as the energy hitting an area over some time period. So in the case of a plant, a higher light intensity means more packets of light called “photons” are hitting the leaves

Light Intensity can be measure by PAR meter and its unit is PPFD (µmol m-2 s-1).

Also, DLI (mol m-2 s-1) defines as the delayed dose of the plant.

Light quality

Before LED plant growth light in the market, the possibilities were limited, as the grower could only decide for supplemental light intensity and not light quality (i.e., spectrum: color or wavelength distribution of the artificial light).

Light quality refers to the spectral distribution of light, or the relative number of photons of blue, green, red, far-red, and other portions of the light spectrum emitted from a light source.

Light quality has a crucial role in plant propagation. (Propagation lights)

The effect of light quality on growth, photosynthesis, leaf anatomy, and volatile isoprenoids of a monoterpene-emitting herbaceous species and an isoprene-emitting tree.

Light quality you can by a spectrometer, their couple of devices are available in the market.

Nexsel Plant grows chamber is the best tool to test different light qualities and light intensities. Source V 16 gives multiple options for testing’s stay tuned for more information about the Source.

If you have any queries or questions regarding light quality and intensity, be in touch with our team.

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