Typical DLI And PPFD Values For Crops

Typical DLI And PPFD Values For Crops


• Vegetative Growth (Leafy Greens/Herbs): Minimum 17 mol/m²/d
• Flowering Crops (Peppers/Tomatoes): 20-40 mol/m²/d


• Micro greens: 6-12 mol/m²/d
• Vegetative Growth (Leafy Greens/Herbs): 8-15mol/m²/d
• Flowering Crops: 15-40 mol/m²/d

Unit of DLI – mol/m²/d
Unit of PPFD – umol/m²/sec
Please note – 1 mole is equal to 1000000 umol.

Calculation from DLI to PPFD

12 moles / 16 hr photoperiod / 60 minutes / 60 seconds = 0.000208 moles
(This gives us the amount of moles delivered per second per square meter) 0.000208 moles x 1,000,000 = 208 µmols per second per meter squared (µmol/sm²)
As a rule of thumb below values can be taken when your crops are not specified


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