Nexsel Provide Best LED Grow Lights in All over India


LEDs help create bigger, better plants

Lighting systems offer binary control. That is, they are either on or off. If they’re on, they give off the same fixed spectrum for every plant though they may vary in intensity depending on the replacement timeframe (older lamps mean lower intensity). So every plant basically gets the same spectral output as all the others even if you’ve got different varieties in the same space. If you don’t give every crop the same nutrients, why would you give them the same light? With LEDs and new networking hardware and software, growers can craft proprietary light formulas or recipes to bring out the characteristics of the plants they know will make them most marketable. For instance, at our company Nexsel , we recently conducted a small study with lettuce. Our research team grew lettuce under five different light treatments 0, 8, 16, 24 and 32 percent blue light along with varying ratios of red and a constant level of white light. In a blind taste test, they found a very noticeable difference in outcome depending on which percentage of blue light was used, and that the 32 percent blue light givin good result. Spectrum control is the new “secret sauce” growers can use to produce the foods and flowers their customers crave.


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